Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Email from 11/13/2007

Here is a copy of his email to me this week. Enjoy, Chuckie.

" Any ways il tell ya a funny story that happened yesterday we were taking the bus into milagro and i got stuck sitting next to this completely drunk gang member. He's a member of the Salvatrucha gang which is would of the most dangerous gangs in central america. He's actually a pretty scary looking guy but he was soo drunk i contrlled him like a little child. I gave him a gospel of jesus christ pamphlet and told him to read it while we were sitting there. So he did as he was told and within 30 sconds he had passed out and was leaning on me. It was funny and weird as crap. Im geeting way to used to drunk people. I deal with them all the time here. They always want to talk to us gringos.. owell, thats guatemala. well bud you know i love you. It sucks we have to do all all our emailing with 2 districts so we cant go over an hour. it blows.
Later man,
Elder Buyotch= latino version"

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