Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Email from 11/06/2007

Ok looks like it has been awhile since anything has been added to the blog soI took it upon myself to add the latest email that I got from Jason this week. It sounds like he is doing good, so here it is...

"Well, this week we have a babtism with a family that we reactivated. Im really excited about this one. This family has come soo far. We{re babtising the daughter who is nine named Hillary. Its soo cool to see change in this families lives with the lord back the picture. This last week was a good week too. We taught 17 lessons and had 106 contacts. I bought some brown shoes for 270 Qets with roughly works out to be 35$.. they are soo hott! they are really good looking shoes. Now i can start wearing all my news ties that have brown.. Well everyone says im getting really skinny. I have lost a lot of weight and muscle. slowly im becoming a BIG WUSS. So thats Well the work goes on. The spanish is still improving all the time. Well love you man. later! Elder Bulloch"

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