Monday, November 19, 2007

Let play "Where's Waldo Jason?"

Ok try to find Jason in this picture......

I know it wasn't that hard to spot him in this picture but maybe he will be harder to spot in upcoming ones.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Email from 11/13/2007

Here is a copy of his email to me this week. Enjoy, Chuckie.

" Any ways il tell ya a funny story that happened yesterday we were taking the bus into milagro and i got stuck sitting next to this completely drunk gang member. He's a member of the Salvatrucha gang which is would of the most dangerous gangs in central america. He's actually a pretty scary looking guy but he was soo drunk i contrlled him like a little child. I gave him a gospel of jesus christ pamphlet and told him to read it while we were sitting there. So he did as he was told and within 30 sconds he had passed out and was leaning on me. It was funny and weird as crap. Im geeting way to used to drunk people. I deal with them all the time here. They always want to talk to us gringos.. owell, thats guatemala. well bud you know i love you. It sucks we have to do all all our emailing with 2 districts so we cant go over an hour. it blows.
Later man,
Elder Buyotch= latino version"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Email from 11/06/2007

Ok looks like it has been awhile since anything has been added to the blog soI took it upon myself to add the latest email that I got from Jason this week. It sounds like he is doing good, so here it is...

"Well, this week we have a babtism with a family that we reactivated. Im really excited about this one. This family has come soo far. We{re babtising the daughter who is nine named Hillary. Its soo cool to see change in this families lives with the lord back the picture. This last week was a good week too. We taught 17 lessons and had 106 contacts. I bought some brown shoes for 270 Qets with roughly works out to be 35$.. they are soo hott! they are really good looking shoes. Now i can start wearing all my news ties that have brown.. Well everyone says im getting really skinny. I have lost a lot of weight and muscle. slowly im becoming a BIG WUSS. So thats Well the work goes on. The spanish is still improving all the time. Well love you man. later! Elder Bulloch"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Letter to Chuckie.....3 weeks in the MTC

Well Jason sounds like he is doing great. He doesn't put a date on his letters but he did mention that it was his third week in the MTC so that would date this letter as being written around August 2, 2007. Here are a couple of highlights from his letter:

"...We got here late at night & it was definately sureal. I was soo unsure about the whole thing. This place is definately a different experience. It takes some real effort to get use to it and enjoy it for that matter but I've been working as hard as I can & I have really come a long way. I have learned a ton & love the guys here."

"The spiritual times are definately one of a kind though. I've felt the spirit pretty strong here. I am starting to really feel what I am doing. I still kinda just am doing it because I know it's right but more & more I am getting a little fire inside me. It is just hard when we aren't doing stuff for anybody but ourselves. We can serve the Elders but whatever. Anyways we hit our 3 week mark yesterday & got a bunch of new North American Elders. So were no longer the new guys."

"My comp os still the biggest nerd within a 1,000 miles. It's really ridiculous. I didn't think it was possible to become that uncoordinated & nerdy but lo & behold - it is. ITs ok tho, we all find humor and have fun with him. Not in a bad way but we're definately able to derive some one liners from him."

"I love ya man. Tell every body whats up with me down here...oh & that song is seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen. All the guys on my floor were in tears when I read it out loud. They thought it was hillarious. You're the man!

Your boobear,
Elder Bulloch"

Letter to Randy & Robyn & family August 3, 2007

Hey Fam!
So the time time seems like it's going so fast yet I feel like I've been out here forever. It's Sunday afternoon and they gave us 5 hours to do whatever we want with only one rule. No sleeping! It's pretty annoying..this whole napping policy. So I've been going over my imperfect past tense and irregulars (Spanish) flash cards. they are pretty annoying all these irregulars that don't follow the conjugations but whatta gonna do?? Me and a bunch of my elder buddies are sitting here in my room writing letters and studying. It's raining hard outside. It's awesome! I love all the rain. I'm growing so much spiritually it's crazy. Every time I testify in practice discussions I can feel such power in the words that I say. My class teachers say that I am a powerful teacher so I think that's kinda cool. My companion is definitely lacking in his people skills and personal skills but man he is smart. He has the Spanish down and he's very knowledgeable in the scriptures.I love the guys in my district, we have so much fun. Were laughing all the time. The work is intense. We start at 6 and end at 9 at night. Every night my brain hurts. It's allot of stuff we are trying to cram in. A whole language and how to be effective representatives of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The area is really beautiful. I can already tell the drivers here are crazy by the noise and honking in the street. We get to take a walk around the area every Sunday. The food here is not the best, but by Guatemala standards, its pretty good. Today for dinner we had a ham sandwich, a thing of jello and a bag of chips. We had a devotional by the Guatemala North Mission President tonight. He was powerful. Then we got mail. We live for mail here. Mom thanks so much for the letter. I want to hear from the family bad!! So write me! I love you all so much. This has been really difficult , but I am already seeing the rewards of my work. the Lord is helping me out I can tell. Please let the family know that I can't get e-mail until after I get to my mission area. So please write.
Yo amo ustedes Mucho! Elder Bulloch